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What we do...

We work with individuals and organizations who would like to achieve desired business outcomes through effective communication and engagement with their clients and customers. We provide customized, practical strategies and frameworks to help you connect with, engage, and entice your audience through hands-on expert facilitated workshops.

If you've always wanted to

  • Know WHAT to say to your target audience

  • Have the tools, skills, and confidence to succeed

....then this is for you!

We will teach you how to...

  • Communicate clearly and confidently

  • Connect with your audience through active listening and emotional intelligence

  • Use storytelling to captivate your audience

What We Offer

Our Services

Do you want a customized training for your team? Let's talk...

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Meet the Team

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Adrienne Wallace

Online Speech Services

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Sonia Sethi Kohli

The Global Speech Suite


Anne Marie Strauss

iSpeak Clearly


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