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Welcome to Connect to Engage Video Chats, where communication takes center stage! Join hosts Jennifer Murphy, Sonia Sethi-Kohli, and Adrienne Wallace as we engage in thought-provoking conversations with a variety of industry professionals about the power of effective communication. Each episode features professionals from diverse industries, offering unique insights into the power of communication. Discover valuable tips, practical strategies, and expert advice that will empower you to become more self-aware and improve your communication skills. We invite you to join us on this engaging journey of self-awareness and growth.

EP 01

Small Business Owners

Connect To Engage Video Chats_Ep 01_Small Business OwnersVIDEO CHATS
00:00 / 28:20

EP 02

Small Business Owners

Connect to Engage Video Chat Ep 02VIDEO CHATS
00:00 / 26:58

EP 03

Small Business Owners

00:00 / 28:53

EP 04

Airline Industry

Episode 4_airline industryVIDEO CHATS
00:00 / 41:14

EP 05


Episode 5_EducatorsVIDEO CHATS
00:00 / 47:12

EP 06


Episode 6_HealthcareVIDEO CHATS
00:00 / 45:40

EP 07

Athletic Coaches

Episode 7_CoachesVIDEO CHATS
00:00 / 45:03
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